Thursday, October 14, 2010

Ahmadinejad: "The Mahdi will come to liberate Palestine"

Al Arabiya (Arabic) reports that Iranian president Ahmadinejad delivered a speech today in Bint Jbeil in southern Lebanon, a few kilometers from the Israeli border.

In the speech he declared that "the Mahdi will come here, accompanied by Jesus Christ" to liberate Palestine and allow the millions of Arabs of Palestinian descent to move there in his wake.

I don't know about that theology. From all available evidence, it sure seems like Allah favors Israel.

After all, he allowed Israel to be created to begin with, dispersing hundreds of thousands of Muslims in the process. He set up matters so that the Arab countries would treat their own brothers as second-class citizens. He pushed the Jews to create an economic miracle with few natural resources, while he gave the Arab Muslims billions of barrels of oil that they squandered with nepotism and corruption, often leaving their own people in abject poverty while rich oil sheikhs jet set around the world. He gave the Israelis the ability to enter the top tier of the world's cultural elite. He defeated the combined forces of the Muslim Arab world against Israel a number of times, sometimes in embarrassing ways (unless you want to claim that Allah backed the losing side, which makes no sense.)

Maybe the Mahdi has already come, and he set up the state of Israel as a miraculous, shining example of how a people can overcome adversity.

Maybe the Mahdi was David Ben Gurion!