Monday, October 04, 2010

3 Jews leaving the White House. Anti-semites smell a plot!

Mark Glenn, proud Jew-hater who posts all over far left websites, is not rejoicing over the departures of Rahm Emanuel, David Axelrod and Larry Summers from the Obama administration.

Why? Well, duh:
So the fact that Israel would be willing to forfeit such an invaluable source of inside information as Emmanuel can only indicate that big plans are afoot, and, as America has learned all too well following more than half a century of an undeniably toxic relationship with Murder, Incorporated, none of these plans can be good.

The fact that these announcements took place in such close proximity to each other intimates not only coordination amongst all the players in question but as well its sinister twin, collusion. It must also be considered that both Axelrod and Summers, although certainly not in “bird’s-eye-view” positions necessarily as advantageous to Israel as Emmanuel’s, nevertheless were/are important listening posts as well viz-a-viz the internal workings of the Obama White House, and therefore their absence must also represent a great loss for the Jewish state in terms of human intelligence.

Add to all of this Israel’s conspicuous absence at Obama’s speech at the UN General Assembly the 3rd week of September–an unprecedented event in its own right–and the message being conveyed to Obama loud enough that even a deaf man at a Led Zeppelin concert could hear can be summed up thus–

“We, the Jewish people, are turning our backs on you Mr. President and are walking away.”

...Given Israel’s proclivity towards violence in all its forms–real or theoretical–what it may all indicate is that the same Jewish interests responsible over the last half century for a myriad of false flag attacks, assassinations and acts of terrorism against the United States may be planning something even more dramatic. First and foremost on the list would be a controlled demolition of the American economy at a time when the land of the free and home of the brave finds itself barely breathing and on financial life support following the mid-September, 2008 financial meltdown that insiders in D.C. and New York know all about yet will not discuss.
Worse than this though may be that another terrorist attack on America or even a presidential assassination may be in the works.
Why exactly Jews would want the US economy to melt down, when they are so heavily invested in controlling America, is not quite clear. Perhaps this is the long-awaited move for Israel to make the shekel the sole world currency?

The entire article is a classic feverish paranoid nightmare. And the comments by the brain-dead zombies are priceless as well.