Sunday, August 01, 2010

Work accident!

From Xinhua:

One Palestinian was killed and 36 others injured Monday in an explosion in a house of a Hamas militant in Der el Balah refugee camp in central Gaza strip, a Palestinian medical officer said. Adham Abu Selmeya, a Hamas medical officer in Gaza said that the explosion was a result of an Israeli surface-to-surface rocket.

Senior Hamas militant Abu Anas el-Danaf survived, according to Hamas sources.

Meanwhile, Israeli Defense Force spokesman said that the Israeli army wasn't involved in any attack on any house in central Gaza Strip. The explosion is apparently a work accident.
It's too early for the PalArab newspapers to report on this, but invariably when the IDF denies the attack, at first the PalArab papers make it appear like an Israeli strike and then they end up admitting it was a "heroic martyrdom operation."