Sunday, August 29, 2010

Whatever happened to that "blockade buster" Algerian ship?

One and a half weeks ago there were a number of news stories - from the Israeli media, then picked up by UPI and others - about an Algerian ship that was supposedly heading to Gaza.

As I mentioned, those stories were wrong, and the ship was headed to El Arish where the aid would be unloaded and sent to Gaza via Rafah.

None of the media outlets that mentioned the supposedly blockade-busting ship seem to have noticed that it never reached Gaza, that there was no showdown at sea, and that the story disappeared.

Probably because stories of Arab countries sending aid via Rafah to Gaza are not news. I could find nothing about this ship when it landed in Egypt, but I was reminded of it when a group of Algerians announced a new aid convoy to go to Gaza via Rafah, with full cooperation of Egypt.

Since Ha'aretz, the Jerusalem Post and UPI aren't going to issue a correction, I just thought I'd do it for them.