Sunday, August 29, 2010

What is the worst insult Fatah can hurl against Hamas?

Fatah spokesman Ahmed Assaf has come out with an attack on Hamas, something which happens with some regularity from Fatah.

But when Fatah insults Hamas, it is usually not because they are a bloodthirsty terrorist organization. Their problem with Hamas is that it is not terrorist enough against Israel.

In this case, Assaf is mocking Hamas for cooperating with the hated Zionist enemy and even, he charges, meeting with them to negotiate.

He claims that Hamas is negotiating provisional borders of a Palestinian Arab state with Israel and that Hamas has agreed to stop terror attacks to make its Zionist masters happy. Further, he claims that Hamas was following Israeli orders when it destroyed the mosque of the Jund al-Allah movement last year, killing 28 people. Similarly, a recent Hamas initiative to confiscate all illegal weapons in Gaza also serves Israeli interests, as does its de facto cease fire since the Gaza war.

Even though the Fatah-dominated PLO has sort of officially approved direct negotiations with Israel, it regularly castigates Hamas for allegedly doing what the PLO has been doing, off and on, for 17 years.

How can  any real sort of peace ever be expected when each side routinely insults the other by accusing them of being too peaceful?