Monday, August 02, 2010

Ultra leftist gibberish of the day (UPDATED)

See if you can make heads or tails out if this snippet of an article published in the bizarre Al-Jazeerah.Info site:

Wall Street Journal Media Launches Special Tel Aviv Operation

Monthly sham and shill additions. WSJ shills for Zionist Power Configuration. "Wall Street Journal Launches Special Tel Aviv Operation laments the role of the killer, while demonizing those who simply seek world peace?" Posted by Tim King

The 'Too Small To Be Saved' global citizenry, individuals, entities, and companies do not attack people with; self anointed reverse victimhood, published articles, media, book publishing, academic endeavors, or internet blogs. ZPC underachiever shills perpetuate persistent belligerence, contempt, promote hatred, and constant bellicose threats to all citizenry. The 'Too Small to be Saved' citizenry do not commit mass murder, destruction of civilizations, and manufactured environmental catastrophe negatively impacting people and the planet while accumulating great wealth by stealing their natural resources, labor, property, and assets.

Simultaneously, the ZPC shills that would be WSJ Simon&Shuster naming just a few continue perpetuating counterfactual events, eliminate and distort most of 20th Century historical facts then absolutely control the entire US foundation Nation of Laws. The US Constitution defining a Nation of Laws, Bill of Rights, Habeas Corpus, Geneva Convention, Nuremburg Tribunal on War Crimes is not arguable and is not disputable. Therefore, America imperiously ignores this national and international law dynamic.
The best part about this piece is that it includes about 100 footnotes! Wow, it must be factual!

For fun, look at some history of computer generated faux-scholarly papers that were actually published by various journals. Is it possible that anti-Zionist writers are using computer programs to spew out these essays?

UPDATE:  OK, I found some software that generates random text. I mixed together four articles from the same website, and the results are pretty similar:

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