Sunday, August 01, 2010

Sunday links

Lee Smith in Tablet discusses the responsibility of blogs for their commenters, something I am not sure I agree with completely. But he also has a very useful Jew-Baiter's Lexicon.  (h/t Callie)

Yaacov Lozowick writes on a Mondoweiss article about the "one state solution."  (partial h/t jcb)

In a piece I missed when it was originally published in the WSJ, Leon DeWinter talks about how anti-semitism is "Salonfähig" again. (h/t Viiit)

Perhaps 2000 Muslim girls will be subjected to female circumcision this summer - with video.

The newest power couple managed to find a reform rabbi to co-perform their intermarriage ceremony, together with what appears to be a nonsensical ketubah and irrelevant chuppah, on the Jewish Sabbath. Oy vey.