Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Power outages in....... Egypt and Lebanon

Not only in Gaza...

The newspaper Dar al-Hayat mentions that more power outages will come to Lebanon as Egypt will temporarily stop providing electricity due to its own needs.

"Government's actions are the result of Egyptians feeling anger and resentment towards the continuing crisis of power outages in the country, which lasts more than a month."

There are concerns that the Egyptian electricity network will collapse due to the increased consumption. (@#$#% those air-conditioners).

And thus the Egyptian government decided to stop exporting electricity to Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Libya.

In Gaza in the meanwhile, political bickering between Hamas and the Palestinian Authority result in massive electricity shutdowns.

Egypt supplies about 10 percent of electricity to Gaza.

Thus while the Arab brethern in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Libya have to suffer power cuts because of the new reasonable Egyptian export stop of electricity, the Gazans can have it all, but continue to fight about it.