Thursday, August 12, 2010

Poor Arabs forced to sell their children

The poverty is overwhelming.

Parents cannot afford to feed their children. Basic supplies are too expensive. Proper healthcare is not accessible.

So they are selling the children to Europeans, especially Italians, hoping that they would have a better life there. Hundreds of children have been sold this year alone.

Is this in Gaza?

No, of course not. Gazans have easy access to food and healthcare.

It is across the border, in poor Egyptian villages.

The government is concerned and views these sales of children as simply human trafficking and is working to stop it, after an expose of the phenomenon by Al Masry al Youm where they discovered that the court systems regularly approved the adoption of these children by Europeans.

This episode highlights what real poverty is like. And it also shows how the thousands of "human rights activists" who pretend to care so much about Gaza children are indifferent to real poverty, real suffering and real deprivation.

There are no flotillas for the poverty-stricken in Egypt or Yemen. There are no campaigns to raise money or awareness. Their troubles are ignored, lost in the glare of GAZA GAZA GAZA. And as millions of dollars are poured into a place that is better off than much of the planet, the Arabs who are really deprived would kill to be incarcerated in that "open air prison" of Gaza.