Thursday, August 05, 2010

A new map of the attack

A source emailed me with a map showing where the IDF was working, where the Lebanese RPGs were fired from and where the IDF officer was hit by a sniper. I am not quite sure how to square this away with the videos and photos we have seen, but I would tend to trust this person. (For example, the place shown below would be consistent with the curve in the road from the initial AP photo.)

I recreated this map based on information I received, overlaying on top of Google maps. I might be a little off in the position of the RPG squad because I don't think they would be on the other side of the Blue Line.

The blue line is The Blue Line. The black line is Israel's fence. The yellow dots are significant - they may be sniper positions or other LAF positions - but I am awaiting clarification.

If you want to play with Google Maps, the link to this map is here.

(And on a side note - yes, it is really cool to get inside information!)