Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Muslims freak over WJC meeting

The Muslims really have to scour the news to find things to seethe about.

The World Jewish Congress is having a Governing Board meeting in Jerusalem over the next three days. It is not a huge convention; only about 200 people are in attendance. While there are some prominent speakers, like Shimon Peres and Elie Wiesel, it did not get any major press.

But the Muslims noticed.

From the Qassam website, as well as others:
-The Islamic-Christian Front for defending Jerusalem (ICF) says the 14th World Jewish Congress (WJC), which is set to be held on Wednesday in Jerusalem, is a blatant provocation to the Arab and Islamic nation as a whole.

Dr. Hassan Khater, Secretary General of the ICF said: “Not only does the [Israeli] occupation not at all care about the feelings of Muslims in Palestine and the world, but now deliberately shows direct prejudice to the religious sentiments of the Palestinians and Muslims in general, as evidenced by the conference deliberately held during the holy month of Ramadan.”

“In these heavy days of black memories against Islamic holy sites, beginning with the forty first anniversary of the arson attack of Al-Aqsa, the sixteenth anniversary of the Ibrahimi Mosque massacre, the outrageous attack on the Ain Silwan mosque, and preventing worshippers from reaching Al-Aqsa, even in the month of Ramadan, comes the brutal Zionist decision,” he added.

Brutal! How can Jews dare to meet in Jerusalem, when every day of the year is the anniversary of an outrage against Muslims! And Ramadan to boot!

Also, the Mufti of Jerusalem denounced the meeting, calling it "dangerous."

You can see the live video feed of the nefarious Jews plotting to take over the world. President Peres' speech is here.