Sunday, August 08, 2010

Let's look at some real humanitarian catastrophes (Zvi)

From Zvi:

Iraqi civilians murdered in 2010:  
* Jun 2010: 353  
* May 2010: 370  
* Apr 2010: 376  
* first 6 months of 2010: 1965  
* 2009: 4645  
* 2008: 9221  
* 2007: 24599  
* 2006: 27767  
Remember that as the UN investigates Israel for having soldiers who are not willing to be beaten to death by jihadi paramilitaries disguised as "peace activists." There has never been a UN investigation of the brutal terrorist slaughter of literally thousands civilians in Iraq by terrorists trained in Syria and armed by Iran. Why not? A former Iraqi defense minister referred to the Syrian border as the Gate of Darkness. But who cares about thousands of dead Iraqis? The UN needs to spend its time conducting MULTIPLE investigations of Israel, because a bunch of paramilitaries attacked Israeli soldiers.  
In a similar vein, 4.3 million southern Sudanese need food aid, according to the UN. The World Food Program needs 500 million dollars, it says, to feed starving Sudanese.  
Remember that the next time you read about someone making massive efforts to send wholly unnecessary supplies to Gaza.