Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Latest Arab rumor: Blackberry a CIA-Mossad plot!

Ammon News, a Jordanian newspaper, exposes the frightening truth: that Blackberry uses jointly developed CIA-Mossad technology to read everyone's emails and messages!

And they have ironclad proof. You see, Blackberry is based out of Canada. The reason? Because if it was based out of the US or Israel, then people wouldn't trust it! Therefore, it must have been created by Jews and Americans who were intent on hiding its true origins, and Canada is the perfect country to install this nefarious spy network, because no one would suspect it. QED.

The article goes on to say that Blackberry agreed to have Israel monitor its messages, but denied Saudi Arabia's request to do the same.

 (The latest information I have is that RIM does or will soon allow monitoring in Saudi Arabia, India, Russia and China, and I have no information about Israel, but that's why we need hard-hitting analyses by places like the Ammon News to set us straight.)

The article goes on to reveal that Hilary Clinton is planning to pressure the Gulf states not to ban the Blackberry, so that the Mossad can continue unfettered access to everyone's messages.

I'm glad we have such great investigative reporting in Arabic-speaking countries. How else would we know about these sorts of stories?