Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Jews put poisoned food in their supermarkets!

The Arab press is reporting that three Palestinian Arabs have been "poisoned" by buying expired meat from an Israeli Rami Levy supermarket in the West Bank.

Firas Press says "Beware!!" while quoting an Arab official as saying

"The products sold by Rami Levy lack quality, and many of them are sold at ridiculous prices because of they are close to expiring, in particular meat products and canned food. The PA consumer protection employees will monitor Palestinian shoppers of Rami Levy and will publish lists of their names and they are subject to legal accountability."
The PA first threatened shoppers at Rami Levy last May.

But isn't it an amazing coincidence that only Arab shoppers are getting allegedly "poisoned" by this supposedly bad, no doubt kosher, meat?

It's sort of like the Zionist attack pigs who know to only attack Arabs and leave Jews alone. The poison must be triggered by the existence of an Arab genetic marker in the victim's saliva. Yeah, that's it.