Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Jewish woman victim of Ramadan attack in France

Le Point (French) reports on a young Jewish woman who filed a complaint after being assaulted in a supermarket in Toulouse. The victim said she was harassed by two teenagers who accused her of buying food during the day of the Ramadan fast. The woman told them that she was allowed to buy food because she wasn't Muslim as they assumed, but Jewish.

Big mistake.

This new fact caused the "youths" to become more angry. After they called her a "dirty Jewess", they hit her on the head, knocking her down to the floor.

A security guard watched the scene without intervening. When questioned by investigators about the reasons for his indifference, the man explained that he respected Ramadan and also he was hungry and anxious to leave in order to eat at sunset.

In an earlier incident, a Senegalese man who was eating during the daytime in a restaurant in Lyons was attacked, hit in the head with both a glass bottle and with a chair. His skull was fractured and he underwent surgery.