Thursday, August 05, 2010

Hallucinatory anti-Israel ads

I just saw that Foreign Policy magazine published an ad from a group called "Goals for Americans," which seems to have an interesting agenda.

Its ads are a case study in poor design and breathless rhetoric, mostly against Israeli policies and the ever-present Jewish lobby.

Here is one of their many ads reproduced on their website. It is so over the top, it is hilarious. The puppet might be a little overused, but the gorilla more than makes up for it.

Naturally, I was wondering what "K.A.S.M." mentioned in the upper right stands for.

Luckily, the site has an illustrative definition:

The entire site is filled with this stuff, including their plan for cutting Israel in two parts to allow "Palestine" to be contiguous.

If the government taxed exclamation points, these guys could pay the national debt.

Yes, these nutcases are who Foreign Policy is accepting ads from!