Saturday, June 05, 2010

Elder gets mentioned in the NYT (blog)

One of the things I have been doing in the past week is look for egregious anti-Israel articles and respond to them, especially if they seem to be getting links from other prominent blogs or pundits.

One of  them was a propaganda piece in Foreign Policy magazine that billed itself as a "fact sheet" on the blockade. As soon as I read it I saw that it was nothing of the sort, and I responded to it.

Today, the Opinionator blog in the New York Times has a discussion about the blockade, entitled "Is the embargo good for the Jews?" Within the article the author links to a number of discussions about the wisdom and basis for Israel's blockade of Gaza. Part of it was a reference to that same "fact sheet" - and my response.

The NYT blogger than said
"The writer considers Munayyer’s piece “propaganda,” and he certainly has a point.

And if I wouldn't have written what I did, the Foreign Policy piece would have been considered a factual reference piece for other journalists.

Small victories, but victories nonetheless.