Sunday, May 09, 2010

"Phone flirting" with the Egyptian Foreign Minister?

Sometimes, either autotranslation fails me or really weird things are happening:
The Office of the Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit communicated with the public prosecutor to complain about the Minister receiving "flirting" telephone calls, from unknown numbers, after midnight.

The investigation revealed that one of the numbers who had repeatedly harassed the Egyptian minister belonged to a 66-year old woman named Mallawi in the Minya province (about 241 km south of Cairo), while the second number belongs to a 33-year old man who works in the technical field about 30 km west of Cairo.
Well, who wouldn't want to flirt with such a powerful, handsome man?

(I think the article is more about problems with Egypt's cell phone switching system routinely misdirecting phone calls.)