Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Earth will be destroyed if Jews want to live in Jerusalem

The hyperbole about the importance of the Israeli-Arab conflict grows daily, which is no mean feat.

Just today we read that Mideast tensions could spark a "catastrophe":
Russia's president said Tuesday that Israeli-Arab tensions threaten to draw the Middle East into a new catastrophe, adding Moscow's weight to a diplomatic push to ease antagonism between Israel and Syria.

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, whose country has been building up its influence as a Middle East mediator, pledged its assistance in pushing the region toward peace.

“Tensions in the Middle East threaten to lead to a new explosion or even a catastrophe,” he said.
But that's bush league talk next to Turkish PM Erdogan, who implied that Israel is out to destroy Jerusalem:
Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Monday that those who tried to destroy Jerusalem would never be able to destroy the brotherhood and solidarity there, and Islamic world and Muslims would defy all attacks, threats and dark scenarios against Jerusalem, APA reports quoting turkishny.com web-page.

He added that those, who attempted to destroy Jerusalem, would only destroy the Middle East; they were not able to destroy the brotherhood and solidarity there.

Erdogan said that Jerusalem was common heritage of all humanity and holy place of over two billion Muslims. He added that Jerusalem was a holy place for Christians and Jewish people too.
That's so nice of him!

(Has the Muslim population doubled in the past year or so?)

Arabic websites had him going further:
"Do not forget that if Jerusalem is burned, Palestine would burn; if Palestine burns,, the Middle East would burn; and if the Middle East would burn then the world would burn."
Whew! All because some Jews want to live in their own capital city, the existence of the entire world is threatened!

If that doesn't prove how important Jews are, what does?

And the bizarre thing is that a large part of the world believes this nonsense.