Sunday, April 25, 2010

What the Obama White House has condemned

One of the strongest terms in the diplomatic arsenal is the word "condemn." It is used sparingly, to show extreme displeasure, usually for heinous acts of terror and mass murder.

Elder Brother of Ziyon asked me what international incidents the Obama White House has condemned since taking office.

Here's what I could find:

Terrorist bombings on the Moscow Metro
May 2009 fatal terror attacks in Iran
Murder of three employees of US Consulate in Mexico
Violence against civilians in Iran
Terrorist bombings in Iraq
Terrorist bombings in Jakarta
Nobel Peace Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi's house arrest in Burma
Al Qaeda attack on Saudi Arabia’s Assistant Minister of Interior
Brutal murders and rapes in Guinea
Iran's executions of pro-democracy advocates
North Korean nuclear test

and, of course...

Israel's announcing plans to build houses for ordinary citizens in its own capital

Both Robert Gibbs and Joe Biden used the term "condemn" in terms of Israeli building within Jerusalem.

As far as I can tell, the current administration has never condemned Hamas nor the PA. Not for fatal rocket attacks, not for constant incitement for terror, not for the lionization of terrorists.

The Palestinian Arab narrative is that, somehow, Jews building houses in a land that Jews have identified with for millennia is a crime that is on par with mass murder. This meme has only one, very bigoted purpose - to make the Middle East free of any non-Arab control.

Yet its repetition over the decades has turned this lie, founded on other lies and supported by a myriad of further lies, into accepted truth by most of the world.

And this lie, based on pure bigotry, is now accepted as a fact in the mind of the world's most powerful person.