Thursday, April 22, 2010

UAE compares Iran with Israel; Iran ticked off

UAE Foreign Minister H.H Sheikh Abdullah Bin Zayed Al-Nahyan has stressed that the issue of the three UAE's islands of Greater Tunb, Lesser Tunb and Abu Musa, still under Iranian occupation, will always be a "negative factor" in bilateral relations between the two countries and "painful thing for all the UAE nationals."

"Occupation of any Arab land is occupation and is not a misunderstanding. Israeli occupation of Golan Heights, Southern Lebanon, West Bank or Gaza is called occupation and no Arab land is dearer than another," Sheikh Abdullah said.

"It would be self-lie, for any Emarati, including me, to pretend that they are less sensitive about the fact that a part of the UAE is occupied than about another occupied Arab land."Occupation is occupation and is unlawful, according to Arab traditions, Islam and the international community."
Iran wasn't pleased to be compared with Israel:
Iran on Wednesday reiterated its rule over three disputed Gulf islands and rebuked the United Arab Emirates for comparing Tehran's control to an Israeli occupation.

"Comments made about the Iranian islands in the Persian Gulf are neither right nor well-considered," foreign ministry spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast told Mehr news agency.

"With cooperation within the Islamic world in mind, we have always sought to warn against the main threat in the region which is the regime occupying Al-Quds (Jerusalem)," he said alluding to Israel.

"Misunderstandings between friends can be resolved through bilateral talks," he said, while calling on United Arab Emirates (UAE) leaders to "avoid comments which benefit the Zionists."
But this entire blog post is because of that Mehmanparast said, so this Zionist and my Zionist readers benefited from his comment!

He must be very ashamed.