Monday, April 26, 2010

Today's PalArab news (4/26/10) - updated

The PA uncovered the largest Hamas weapons cache yet found in the West Bank, with hundreds of kilograms of weapons and explosives. It appears that Hamas was planning large scale terror attacks in the West Bank and in Israel.

The IDF killed a senior Hamas terrorist in a shootout in Hebron. Even though he had a history of being behind shooting attacks, the AP describes him as an "activist." (Ap has since changed the story; I found the original at the Times of India site showing that the original story had AP repeatedly referring to him as an "activist.")

Fatah accused Hamas of arresting 11 more Fatah members in Gaza.

A Fatah spokesman mocked Hamas, saying that even though it talks tough it really accepts a two-state solution. This is yet another of many cases where Fatah's criticism of Hamas is not against its terrorism but against its seeming peacefulness.

A student at Gaza's Al Azhar University was found with a hand grenade.

A supposedly 117 year old woman died in Qalqiliya in the West Bank, leaving behind her 115-year old husband. If she really had been that old, she would have held the record for world's oldest person; if her husband is really that old, he would succeed her as the world's oldest person. The claims seem dubious at best.

Kuwait did not allow Palestinian Arab disabled athletes to travel to Kuwait for the West Asia paralympic competition. Apparently, Kuwait doesn't recognize "Palestinian" passports.