Thursday, April 22, 2010

More data points on illegal Arab immigration

Daled Amos just wrote up an article going through some of the data on illegal Arab immigration to Palestine in the years before 1948. I had looked at this in the past, but today I discovered an intriguing new data point, from the Palestine Post, August 19, 1935, quoting the (then Manchester) Guardian of August 10.

The article is a synopsis of the British Treasury report dealing with Palestine. According to the article, Jewish immigration had vastly increased in the early 1930s, but then it adds this:

"The immigration, however, is not restricted to Jews. There has been a steady infiltration into Palestine of Arabs from Syria (the Hauran) and from Trans-Jordan. And it is notable that the illicit immigration of the non-Jews recorded in the report of the Government is more than double that recorded for the Jews."

Can anyone get a hold of this British report?

The idea that there was massive illegal Arab immigration is not a Zionist invention from the 1970s or 1980s. As I mentioned in earlier articles, contemporary Palestinian Jews and Arabs complained about the influx of these aliens who were taking jobs and resources. Here is some testimony from a Jewish Agency representative to the Palestine Royal Commission in 1936: (December 9 1936 Palestine Post):