Thursday, April 22, 2010

Katyusha in Jordan. Where was it shot from?

A short-range rocket may have completely overshot its intended target in Israel and landed in a different country.

TWO rockets were reportedly fired at the Israeli city of Eilat early today, as both Jordanian and Egyptian officials disputed the source of the attempted attack.

A blast hit the outskirts of the neighbouring Jordanian Red Sea port of Aqaba today, a government minister confirmed, while a second rocket was said to have ditched in the waters off the coast.

The blast, allegedly caused by a stray rocket, was the first attempted attack on Eilat in almost five years, Israel's English-language newspaper Haaretz reported.

Initial reports said the rockets originated in Jordan, but it was later suggested they were fired from Egypt's Sinai Peninsula.

Egypt was quick to deny the attempted attack was launched from its territory. Egyptian security officials said there were no rockets fired from Egypt's Sinai Peninsula into Israel today, disputing claims from Haaretz and Israeli private Channel 10 TV station.

Although Jordan at first denied that it was a rocket, they later confirmed it was.

But both Jordan and Egypt deny that any rockets were fired from their territories.

Which can only mean one thing: Vacationing Israelis in Eilat shot the rockets to Jordan in between snorkeling lessons.