Thursday, April 15, 2010

British media ignores Malam report against Goldstone

From Just Journalism:
Last month (March 2010), Israel’s Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center (Malam) released a report that sought to challenge many of the findings in the Goldstone report. In particular, it marshalled evidence that Hamas had repeatedly used civilians to shield its fighters – an allegation the Goldstone report specifically claimed to have found no evidence of. The Israeli organisation, however, produced footage purporting to show children being used to shield a Hamas fighter as he exited a residential building from where he was firing at Israeli forces.

Despite the fact that these findings cast doubt on the veracity of the Goldstone report’s claim not to have found evidence of Hamas using human shields during the 2008/9 Gaza conflict, they have not been reported by any of the UK broadsheets or on the BBC News website since it was published. This is even more notable since all three mainstream English-language Israeli news websites (Haaretz, Jerusalem Post and YNet) featured articles on the Malam report, and its implications for the Goldstone report. YNet, for example, noted that it ‘largely conflicts with the findings of the Goldstone report on Operation Cast Lead’, while the Jerusalem Post described it as documenting ‘how the Goldstone Commission whitewashed the way Hamas waged its battle against Israel’. The video footage was posted at the top of the Jpost article.
I had missed that footage of children as human shields when the report was released, so here it is: