Sunday, April 25, 2010

BBC bias in report on Gaza girl

I mentioned earlier today that Israel quickly acceded to a Hamas minister's request to help save his daughter's life.

The BBC tries mightily to spin it negatively towards Israel. Here is its background material for the story:
Israel imposed a blockade on the coastal enclave when it came under control of the Islamist Hamas in 2007.

Its 1.5m inhabitants are rarely allowed to leave.

The UN and a number of international humanitarian groups warned in January that the blockade was putting residents' health at risk.
The last sentence is seemingly meant to imply that the girl's illness - the nature of which has not been publicized - is Israel's fault!

Now, why wouldn't the BBC have written these facts as background information?

- Israel regularly allows Gazans to be treated at Israeli hospitals.
- In 2009, Israel allowed over 10,000 Gazans to come to Israel for medical purposes.
- Another 10,000 Gazans exited the Strip for other reasons.
- An Israeli medical clinic that was built specifically for Gazans injured in Operation Cast Lead was closed down when Hamas refused to allow any residents to get treated there.
- Hamas has methodically taken over all the medical associations in Gaza since seizing power, replacing doctors if their political views weren't deemed to be pro-Hamas enough.
- Hamas has used Gaza hospitals and ambulances to transport and protect its own militants

It seems that the BBC has a narrative about Gaza and it will only mention the facts that it deems relevant to pushing that narrative. It just so happens that this narrative has nothing bad to say about Hamas and everything bad to say about Israel.

(h/t "Guest")