Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Latest from the Police Clown of Dubai

From AFP:
Dubai's police chief accused Israel on Tuesday of "vast falsification" of travel documents, noting that dozens of false passports were uncovered following a Hamas leader's murder in the emirate.

"I ring alarm bells. Israel is falsifying Western passports on a large scale. We discover forged passports on a daily basis," Dahi Khalfan told AFP.

"The world must stop an operation of vast falsification of official documents (that) a formal body (Israel's spy agency Mossad) is carrying out," he added.

"It is shameful for the European countries that a country which claims to be a state of law is falsifying their passports," he said.

So Dubai has been finding dozens of fake passports since the Mabhouh hit, and is blaming the Mossad for all of them!

Khalfan the Clown must believe that the "Israelis" invented forgery in ancient Egypt, and the vast worldwide Jewish conspiracy has the market cornered on forged documents today.