Thursday, March 04, 2010

Dubai police chief: "We could infiltrate the Mossad"

The latest interview with the clown known as Lt. Gen Dahi Khalfan (Tamim) muddies the waters even more, as he attempts to portray an illusion of competence. Even so, he seems to disprove some of the rumors that have been bandied about by Arabs about the case:

Dubai police did not know in the beginning the identity of the victim as his identity papers did not include his last name and he was not one of Hamas's publically known faces, the police chief said.
Arab sources had earlier indicated that Mabhouh traveled to Dubai with a passport under his own name, and implied that this was how the (presumed) Mossad knew where he was.

"Had we known who he was, we would not have allowed him in to Dubai," he told Al Arabiya. "We do allow officials from Hamas’ political office, but not members involved in secretive work."
This is too funny.
Regarding how the details of the crime were unraveled, Khalfan denied reports that the perpetrators left evidence that made it easy to do so and that they intended to deliver a certain message through leaving traces.

"On the contrary, the murderers tried their best to mislead us. They left the hotel room neat and tidy to give the impression that it was a natural death."

In fact, he added, the Dubai police was about to declare it a natural death as the identity of the victim had not been known yet and there was no criminal suspicion.

"Things started to change when a Palestinian man who knows Mabhouh tried contacting him in Dubai several times and failed. After learning of his death, he called his family in Gaza and told them that he was murdered."

It was then that officials from Hamas contacted the Dubai police and informed them that the victim was a leader in the Islamic resistance organization.

"Revealing the victim's identity gave the case a whole new turn and an autopsy was immediately made."

The autopsy, Khalfan explained, revealed the Mabhouh was strangled after being injected with a drug that causes paralysis.

"Israeli media said he was subjected to electric shocks and this is not true."
Actually, it was Mabhouh's brother that made that claim.
"If Hamas has information, then let them look for the man who leaked information to Israel about Mabhouh's movements."

Mabhouh was betrayed from within, stressed Khalfan.

"Someone from inside Hamas and who was close to him leaked information about his whereabouts to the Israel."

As for a Palestinian man detained in Dubai for alleged links to the case, Khalfan refused to give information about his political affiliation.

"I personally do not care whether he is from Hamas or Fatah, but the U.A.E. is not a battlefield for warring factions."
Here's another example where Khalfan, basking in his newfound fame, is making stuff up so he can confidently claim that the case is closed.

But the person who ranted against Jews in Arabic leaves his best whopper for last:
Khalfan stressed that the Dubai Police possesses an "astounding" data base and that they have the ability to infiltrate of the office of the Mossad director, if necessary.
If the Dubai police are so good at espionage, maybe we should be pointing an accusing finger at them! Maybe Khalfan is responsible for the hit himself!

I just don't understand how such a world-class detective organization wouldn't notice a Hamas leader in their midst.