Monday, December 28, 2009

Palestinian Arab op-ed slams Hamas for Gaza war

Palestine Press Agency has an Arabic op-ed that pulls no punches in blaming Hamas for Gaza suffering. Excerpts:

All this happened a year ago and still Hamas is reopening the wounds of the Gaza Strip. It continues to dance on wounds because Hamas appeared to have become addicted to dancing on the blood and body parts of the victims.

A year ago and is still Hamas is singing of victory, drawing a surreal picture that violates all logic and facts, Hamas still celebrating the victory!!! What kind of victory is this?? We would be the happiest people if there is a real victory against Israel, but when you follow the facts of what happened we find that Hamas was planning the disaster from the beginning. It scrapped the truce and threw a barrage of rockets and ignored all the warnings and incurred this hell and destruction and the huge number of martyrs and wounded of our people, who were left alone by Hamas to face the Israeli military machine. Afterwards Hamas emerged from the shadows to celebrate what it called the victory and danced on the remains of the martyrs and the blood of the wounded and the ruins of houses.

What sort of madness is this? What sort of victory are you talking about?!

A year later Hamas leaders are celebrating the anniversary of that victory with impudence and insolence. Haniyeh and other leaders talk of victory by reviewing an honor guard on the red carpet, pretending that they took the Soldiers of God from heaven to support them and defeated Greater Israel and how this battle has miraculously joined other great victories like the conquest of Makkah and dozens of battles of Islam.
It is too bad that European leftists cannot get to read such articles in their cafes as they protest Israel and trendily support Hamas.