Thursday, November 12, 2009

Swedish blood libeler: "My bad!"

The Swedish journalist who wrote a controversial article claiming Israel Defense Forces soldiers kill Palestinians in order to harvest their organs is reportedly reconsidering his views after a recent visit to Israel, Army Radio reported on Thursday.

Donald Bostrom, according to the report, recently withdrew from participating in an anti-Israel conference to be held in Beirut, citing his recent, and highly contentious, participation in a media-affairs conference in southern Israel as the cause.

"The visit to Israel and the fact that I was part of a fair dialogue made me rethink the whole issue," the Aftonbladet journalist reportedly told close aides.
No, it wasn't the lack of evidence that made him rethink the issue. It wasn't the fact that it echoed anti-semitic accusations from centuries past. It wasn't because even the Palestinian Arabs he quoted said that they didn't believe that Israel killed their son for his organs.

No, it was because he found out, gosh darn it, that some Israelis are nice people who might not do such a thing.

Sorry, Donald. When you return the $5000 award you got from Algeria because of your lies, then we might think a little more highly of you. When you publicly apologize for your sick article, then maybe you can start on the road back to being a responsible human being. When you loudly tell the Arab world - which wholeheartedly embraced your blood libel - that you and they are completely wrong, then you can stand up with a tiny amount of pride as having tried to rectify your calumny.

Privately admitting to some friends that you might have been mistaken? That is a worthless gesture.