Thursday, September 17, 2009

Bostrom expands blood libel against Israel

Donald Bostrom, the "journalist" who wrote the infamous blood libel for Swedish magazine Aftonbladet claiming that Israel kills Palestinian Arabs for their organs, expanded his charges in a press conference in Algeria held by invitation of the National Federation of Algerian Journalists. They awarded him with an "Excellence in Journalism" award; it does not appear to be in th "fiction" category.

Palestine Press Agency reports that Bostrom has gone way beyond his initial feverish fantasies of Jewish evil and fills in the lies with additional details:

  • * The organ thefts started in 1960.
  • * Israel didn't only steal Palestinian Arab organs but also those of "martyrs of other nationalities."
  • * More than a thousand bodies were harvested.
Bostrom also called for "serious international action by competent international bodies to consider these inhumane practices against a defenseless people."

As far as I can tell, he provided not an iota of evidence for these additional charges, as he didn't for the initial ones (outside pointing to stitches on a body.)

PalPress goes on to say that Bostrom met with major Algerian ministers and a representative of the Algerian president, who praised him for his courage in the face of the all-powerful Zionist lobby.

UPDATE: English report here. And Al Arabiya reports that Bostrom's award included a payment of $5000.