Monday, October 05, 2009

Peaceful worshippers bring rocks to Al Aqsa mosque

Those peaceful Muslim worshippers were planning to riot today in the third holiest site in Islam, as JPost explains:
Jerusalem police explained their decision to allow only worshipers over the age of 50 into the Temple Mount on Monday, revealing that wheelbarrows filled with rocks had been discovered throughout the Aqsa Mosque compound on Sunday.

Palestinians filled the wheelbarrows with stones in preparation for riots in the Old City, police assessed. The wheelbarrows, in addition to intelligence information and the call on Palestinian to "come and defend" Al-Aqsa, led the police to restrict entrance to the Temple Mount.
I have yet to see a single Muslim leader ask Palestinian Arabs to respect the sanctity of Al Aqsa by not rioting or throwing rocks at Jews who visit. On the contrary, I have only seen praise for those "defending" the mosque from being defiled by Jews.