Thursday, August 13, 2009

Seven gunshot wounds an accident?

The crack Palestinian Authority police have a tough case to crack. From Ma'an:
A Palestinian boy died of seven gunshot wounds to the head in what sources say is either a tragic accident of a case of filicide.

The incident occurred in Az-Zawiyah village south Nablus on Wednesday, when Palestinian security sources uncovered the death of 15 year-old Jihad Shukeir.

Jihad was pronounced dead at the Rafidia Government Hospital; medical sources said he had sustained seven gunshot wounds to the head and died while he was being transferred to the hospital.

Sources said police are investigating two tracks, the first a scenario where the boy was playing with this father (a Palestinian Authority police officer)’s weapon, and the second a case of gun cleaning gone awry, where the gun was in fact in the hands of the father.
Tough to choose between those scenarios. Did the boy continue to shoot his own head seven times, or did the father not notice that he was shooting his son in the head while he happily continued to clean his gun?

Two equally good theories. Everything else is far fetched.