Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Roadblocks and water shortages in West Bank!

YNet reports that the Arab residents of Bethlehem have no water and have to suffer from roadblocks - because of the Fatah conference:
A store owner on the city's main street says the Bethlehem's neighborhoods share the water flow – which is supplied every other week.

"This time the entire flow is directed to the conference area, and we are forced to manage without any water. Otherwise, we can buy containers for NIS 500 (about $129), which are enough for up to four days for an average family."

Without any running water and in light of the boosted presence of thousands of security officers, Bethlehem's residents are trying to go on with their lives. "Half of the city's streets are closed, and every time a senior official's convoy passes, the main road is closed," says the store owner.

The Palestinian added that the congress delegates have not left even one vacant hotel room. "But this is not the problem – we expected the hotel area to be busy and closed. The problem is with the senior officials who have rented villas and houses in areas far from the conference, and every time they move, the entire world has to stop. It harms people's life routine."

Quick! Call Human Rights Watch!