Friday, August 07, 2009

Must-read: Yaacov Lozowick

Yaacov Lozowick, who has quickly become perhaps my favorite blogger, wrote a 20-page paper analyzing the IDF report on Operation Cast Shield. It makes my instant but comparatively tiny analysis look pathetic. He sums it up like this:

The authors of the document recognize, accept, and embrace international law. Their thesis is not that it interferes with Israel's ability to defend itself. On the contrary, it supplies Israel with the tools to legitimately combat its enemies while demanding the support of the international community. Anyone who respects international law must step forward to Israel's side as it follows the letter and spirit of the law in rejecting criminal attacks on its people.

A more refreshing position can hardly be imagined. If anyone should be apologizing, it
should be Israel's critics. Their entire narrative is turned on its head; the report documents how they cynically employ the terminology of international law in contradiction to its intent. Rather than conflicting with the right of the Jews, it reinforces them.
He contrasts the thoughtfulness and thoroughness of the IDF report with the comparative frivolousness and shallowness of the reports of Israel's critics. It is a great summary of the report.

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(h/t joe5348)