Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Moderate PalArabs beat up grieving family

PCHR looks at the circumstances of the death of Fadi Hosni 'Abdul Rahman Hamadna, a Hamas member who died in prison that I mentioned yesterday. They do not have enough information to determine whether he was tortured to death or committed suicide (which is why I have not yet added it to the self-death count) but one detail of their report shows that respect for human lives is not exactly a high priority in PA prisons:
It is worth noting that a debate took place in the morning between the victim's father and brother on one hand and security officers and guards of Junaid Prison on the other hand, as the latter refused to allow the family to enter the prison to see the victim's body. The debate developed and security officers fired into the air and beat members of the family. The victim's father sustained a fracture to the head; his brother Mohammed sustained a fracture to the left hand; his brother Hani sustained bruises to the shoulder and back; and two relatives were injured. The vicinity of the prison was then declared a closed military zone.
Sensitivity. Honesty. Truth. This is the Palestinian Authority.