Monday, August 31, 2009

"Islamophobia" virtually nonexistent in NY

From the Times Herald-Record (h/t Vicious Babushka):
Jews were the top targets for hate crimes in New York state last year, followed by blacks, gay men and Hispanics, according to a report by the state Department of Criminal Justice Services.

The report analyzed crime data submitted to the state by police agencies from all 62 counties. The results of the state's number-crunching are distilled in an eight-page report made public last week.

The report found that police agencies identified 596 hate crimes throughout New York last year. Jews were targets 36 percent of the time, with blacks targeted 25 percent of the time, gay men, 11 percent, and Hispanics, 4 percent.

So what about anti-Muslim crimes? We hear so much about "Islamophobia," where are all the Muslim victims of bias?

One has to dig deep into the actual report to find out the numbers. For crimes against people, Muslims were targeted six times - 1.5% - vs. 129 such incidents against Jews (37.2%.)

What about vandalism against mosques or other Muslim property? Here, the percentage is even less - 2 incidents, 1%, compared to 92 cases against Jewish property, or 46.2%.

Remember that this is the state where Muslims murdered thousands of Americans in the name of Islam.

Just more proof that Islamophobia is a fiction that was created to make Muslims appear to be perpetual victims.