Tuesday, August 04, 2009

The Fatah conference begins

The sixth Fatah conference started today in Bethlehem.

Mahmoud Abbas claimed that Israel had already committed to giving him all of east Jerusalem and was now reneging. In other words, the leader of the Palestinian Arabs is a baldfaced liar.

Abbas also nostalgically recalled the early days of "resistance," which included hijacking and blowing up international airliners and murdering Olympic athletes, as compelling "the whole world to hear the voice of Palestine."

He also referred to Hamas leaders as the "princes of darkness." Hamas had blocked all Fatah members in Gaza from attending, and some 27 had to sneak out of that "open air prison" that Hamas evidently owns the keys to.

Hamas promised to arrest those attending Fatah members upon their return, and reports indicate that Hamas has stopped nearly all patients from going to Israel in recent days in fear of them attending the conference.

A former Fatah Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades leader who is now on Israel's amnesty list called on the Fatah to adopt a "program of resistance" at the conference. He also said “I am happy that our army is trained in Jordan in Egypt, in Russia, in several countries all over the world. In case there is a future war, we will have some people who will be trained.”