Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Egypt's summer "marriage" trade

Al Arabiya has an article in Arabic about a growing phenomenon of older Arabs vacationing in Egypt in the summer and "marrying" minor girls.

We have seen that Gulf Arabs tend to take vacation brides, usually abandoning them after the trip is over and sometimes leaving them pregnant. This, however, is the first time I have seen reference to child brides as the victims of this "temporary marriage" phenomenon.

The marriages are a legal fiction for underage prostitution. The girls' families are the benefactors of the rich Arab "grooms' " largess.

It is a harder than normal article to translate, but one part seems to say that the "brides" are as young as three years old (the entire paragraph autotranslates to "The figures indicate a large percentage of minors in the province of married October 6 from non-Egyptian people, girls are as young as third-year-old, but some of them become mothers within months.") I do not want to make that accusation yet; perhaps it means third grade or third year of high school.

The clear fact though is that some Egyptian families are pimping out their daughters for cash from rich, probably Gulf, Arabs taking a summer sex vacation.

UPDATE: An English article about this here.