Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Egyptian scientist claims Pepsi made from pig intestines

Palestine Press Agency reports:
Egyptian scientist Dr. Mustafa Shakaa, the Chairman of the Monitoring Committee of the Supreme Council of Egyptian research, said that it has been proved beyond any doubt that through careful analysis that the content of Pepsi-Cola contains material from the intestines of pigs.
He goes on to say that the people who deny the story from Pepsi are Zionists and that they bribe officials to overlook the pig parts of Pepsi.

He goes on to say that Pepsi adds these components deliberately to help Pepsi get digested, but also that the Zionist Pepsi company has been laughing over the years from their plan to surreptitiously feeding pig meat to Muslims who drink the product.

This rumor has been around for years, as this interesting Muslim site points out:
Nevertheless, this rumor isn't sort of confined to weirdos and fringes, even Egyptian government sponsored websites or chatsites or whatever report it (in Arabic) here. What is most interesting about this latter post, as well as numerous similar posts out there in the blogosphere, is that they begin with the following title: "Have the Americans truly succeeded in ridiculing 2 billion Muslims and Arabs and caused them to drink all of these years carbonated beverages made from pig intestines?" Arabic readers:
هل نجح الأمريكيون بالفعل في أن يضحكوا على 2 مليار مسلم وعربي وجعلوهم يشربون طوال السنين مشروباتهم الغازية المصنعة من أمعاء الخنزير؟؟؟

So the rumor out there that has spread pretty far and wide is that Pepsi Cola, this huge ubiquitous presence in the Middle East (everyone has a Pepsi with dinner) with I would guess I don't really know billions of dollars of revenue per annum from the Muslim world is going to risk all of those substantial sums and a potential catastrophic drop in share price, for a laugh. I should note the piece gives other potential reasons they do this, relating to digestion and whatnot but the title provides the most prominent and important one. The posts explain if you drink Pepsi, you're participating in the humiliation and the ridicule of Islam and that more experiments will confirm this, at which time a decision will be made on the permissibility of Pepsi under the shari'a. These folks seem to suggest the conspiracy is partly proven by Pepsi's insistence on shipping the basic ingredients as a powder to its bottling plants, and not to disclose the ingredients of the powder when asked. apparently in this part of the cyberworld the only reason to protect a trade secret is to hide the distribution of pork to Muslims.

In a few of the blogs, the rumor gets sillier. Pepsi is an acronym for "Pay every penny to save Israel", they say. Pepsi was created 1898. The Balfour Declaration came in 1917. Herzl had only written the Jewish State two years earlier, the first Zionist Congress met in 1897. You've got to get pretty thick into anti-Semitic conspiracies to make Pepsi that prescient.
I guess that the rabbis who certify Pepsi kosher are also part of the conspiracy.