Sunday, August 16, 2009

Birth of a new rumor: Israelis selling PalArab kidneys?

In the comments section of an interesting pro-Israel article by Stephanie Gutmann in the Telegraph we see this:
I’m still waiting for Gutmann’s blog on the recent arrests of the 5 main Rabbis from the NY/NJ area ; one of those arrested stands accused of traficking in human kidneys (some people say the kidneys came from freshly culled stone throwing Palestinian children in Gaza to be sold in the US for $160,000).
I should have seen this coming - the convergence of the story of corrupt rabbis in the New York area and a blood libel.

Sure enough, a couple of weeks ago someone from Uruknet mightily tried to prove that the kidneys came from unwilling Arabs. His "evidence" is literally nonexistent but he managed to place enough verbiage around the topic with irrelevant quotes that his audience can suspend all independent thought and believe him since he obviously did so much "research."

It is only a matter of time before we will be reading that Gaza is a huge organ factory meant to enrich the greedy hook-nosed Jews.