Sunday, August 09, 2009

Baitullah Meahsud - Zionist?

If you want to know how completely nutty much of the Muslim world is, read Pakistan Daily. There you will find no shortage of conspiracy theories, naked Jew-hatred, and an endless supply of baldfaced lies that get believed by tens of thousands of credulous morons.

Today's idiocy is claiming that Taliban leader Baitullah Meahsud, recently blown to bits by a US drone, was really killed because he was a Zionist who knew too much:
Yesterday, the Zionist top media outlets, CNN, BBC, and FoxNews, etc. gloated that Pakistan’s most wanted Taliban leader, Baitullah Mahsud, has been killed by a US missile. It suppose know that could be used an excuse to prove that Baitullah Mahsud was not a CIA, MOSSAD and RAW asset, as claimed by Mahsud’s former close aid, Haji Turkistan Betani on Pakistan TV Geo News. Haji also claimed that Baitullah Mahsud got Benazir Bhutto assassinated for his American, Israeli and Indian masters.
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