Wednesday, May 06, 2009

PA sentences "collaborator" for spying on Hamas

From the media, one might think that the PA and Hamas are mortal enemies and that each is happy to find ways to weaken the other side.

However, they are buddies compared to how much they both hate Israel.

From Ma'an:
The North Governorates Military court in the West Bank found a Surif man guilty of collaboration with Israel and sentenced him to ten years of prison and hard labor as his case was closed Wednesday.

“MF” was accused of collaborating following a period in the Etzion detention center where it is believed Israeli officials offered to reduce an alleged four year prison sentence in Israel down to two years if MF agreed to collaborate.

The defendant, who was affiliated with Hamas when he began collaborating, started passing information to Israeli authorities from inside the facility. MF was transferred to work in the mail room where he was able to keep track of Hamas political action particularly in Surif.
So the PA, which makes a big show of trying to keep Hamas power in check, considers it a major crime to have Israel try to keep Hamas in check - something which directly benefits the PA.

The only explanation is that, given the choice of Hamas or Israel, the "moderate" PA will always favor Hamas unless it is under tremendous pressure to behave otherwise.