Sunday, March 08, 2009

Rule 5 Sunday - Middle East fashion

In the shameless pursuit of gratuitous page hits, I once again present Rule 5 Sunday, where I follow The Other McCain's Rule 5 and find interesting pictures of women that I can somehow pretend belong on this blog.

Today's entry comes from a Lebanese fashion show, shown in Al Quds newspaper.

Apparently, one of Al Quds' readers associated such filth with...Jews. Here's the auto-translated comment, which I must confess I don't quite understand:
The Jews only Msoat including the gain back on your hands

No wonder why the punishment inflicted on you ... . Box of sex work.
Cryptic, yes, but I think we might be getting the gist of it.

Speaking of fashion, Hamas members have now introduced a new type of mask. Much more comfortable than the standard ski mask, it appears to be made out of...panty hose?

This rally was in solidarity with Sudan's President al-Bashir. Because Darfur is nothing compared to Israeli "crimes."