Sunday, March 15, 2009

Rule 5 Sunday: Forbidden Fashion

(Rule 5 Sunday is my attempt to gratuitously show pictures of attractive women, a la Rule 5 of The Other McCain, while still trying to keep to the themes of my blog, whatever they might still be.)

Al-Quds newspaper regularly publishes pictures of models from fashion shows, especially from designers with Arab or Muslim roots. The readers of that publication are not happy about it.

For example:

The translated description from Al Quds of this model is "Casual Fashionwear: Sri Lankan model wearing local costumes during a parade held in the framework of the Colombo Fashion Week."

One comment wishes for "The death of her family in Sri Lanka."

Another one says "
What next? What will we see soon? Don't waste our time showing pornographic images...Fear Allah, if you are believers in Islam, or Christ.

One other recent photo unleashed even more vitriol:

"Casual wear design of a 'so soft' clothing during a fashion festival in the Phraya Lebanese ski resort in the north-east of Lebanon."

One commenter wrote "Do you intend to change Al-Quds to 'Al-naked' with photos from Playboy magazine as well?"

Another: "
Jerusalem (Al-Quds) means purity and this has nothing to do with holiness. Obey God."

And a third: "
What a waste to the world to display forbidden images like this."

I will keep looking to see if any readers say something like "She's hot!" or "I wish my second wife looked like that!" or "What the hell are those yellow things on her arms? Swimmies?"