Sunday, March 15, 2009

PalArab media roundup 3-15-09

Arsonists burned down a Jenin music school. Islamists?

Arsonists also burned a car belonging to the PA's director general of the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

A new school was constructed in Gaza, from pre-fab buildings. Even so, it looks nicer than many American schools.

The number of Israelis who travel to Egypt for Purim plummeted this year by 90%, hurting the Egyptian tourism industry. Israeli authorities have been warning Israelis against going to Egypt for fear of terror attacks and kidnappings.

There is concern in the Palestinian Arab media that Israel is planning to "exploit" the economic situation in Russia to encourage more immigration to Israel. Oh, they also mention the fact that anti-semitic attacks in Russia have skyrocketed, which means that it is only a matter of time before people blame to Mossad for those attacks.

In Lebanon, enterprising women started their own taxi service - for women only. The taxis are pink and presumably the women who must take taxis will feel far safer with women drivers.

A recent study shows that nearly 17% of all Egyptian adults suffer from mental illness. Is this because of Israel?