Thursday, March 05, 2009

John Kerry trusts dictators

A couple of days ago, Syrian state-run media published this press release:
Iranian President , Mahmoud Ahmadinejad , has underlined the deep strong standing relations between Iran and Syria, and the necessity for boosting them to meet the national interest of both and for reinforcing their steadfastness in the face of the various challenges.

During his meeting with Prime Minister , Mohammed Naji Otri today, Ahmadinejad expressed appreciation of Syria's stances under the leadership of President, Bashar al-Assad , and of Syria's pivotal and important role on all regional and international levels.

He indicated that the developments in the region and in the world have proven the correct stances of the two countries , as well as their righteous joint vision regarding these developments.

Ahmadinejad was briefed by Otri and by Iranian First Vice President , Parviz Davoodi , on the outcome of the meetings of the Syrian-Iranian Higher Committee , which falls in the service of the joint issues of cooperation in various domains.
Does this sound like a country that is eager to join the West against Iran?

Well, John Kerry thinks so:
Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts, who recently returned from a Middle East trip that included stops in Damascus and Gaza, called yesterday for loosening sanctions on Syria, which he praised for opening a stock market and sending an ambassador to Iraq.

In his speech, Kerry urged the Obama administration to play a role in mediating ongoing peace talks between Syria and Israel - a move he said Syrian President Bashar Assad would welcome.

The Bush administration shunned Syria for more than four years, accusing the regime of fostering the insurgency in Iraq, meddling in Lebanon's affairs by assassinating its elected leaders, and supporting anti-Israeli militant groups Hezbollah and Hamas.

But the Obama administration has signaled a thaw in relations in an attempt to encourage Syria to make peace with Israel and to pry the regime away from its close alliance with Iran.
If the Assad family knows anything, it is how to play boths sides against the middle while avoiding any concrete changes in its own regime.

The reason that strategy has been so successful for so long is because of credulous dopes like John Kerry.