Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Gaza attacked Israeli civilians 29 out of the past 35 days

While Hillary Clinton is fixated on Israel opening borders to Gaza and while billions of dollars are pledged to ease Hamas' burden of taking care of the area it conquered by force (I believe that would accurately be called "occupation,") Israel has gotten love letters in the shapes of Qassam rockets and mortars for 29 out of the past 35 days.

How many of the donors mentioned, as an aside, that perhaps if Hamas stopped the shooting at schools in Ashkelon and Sderot, that just maybe there would be a chance that Israel wouldn't bomb any buildings in Gaza?

As far as I can tell, none.

Oh, when Hillary went to Jerusalem, she managed to say "There is no doubt that any nation, including Israel, cannot stand idly by while its territory and people are subjected to rocket attacks." And even this watered down statement was immediately slammed by those darlings of the progressive thinkers, Hamas:
Hamas spokesperson Fawzi Barhoum asserted on Tuesday that comments by US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton represented an obvious call for the continuation of violence against the Palestinian people.

Barhoum described the comment as a direct incitement by the US against the Hamas movement as well as the Gaza Strip 's population.
Given the short track record so far of this administration, it seems that fear of such criticism, and of not being loved, drives policy as much as anything else.

The simple fact is that daily rocket attacks against Israel is considered fully acceptable by the world today. Even the ritual condemnations have stopped. The big problem is that the Gazans are not getting enough pasta, not that hundreds of thousands of Israeli civilians are forced to rely on miracles each day to stay alive.

Nobody in the world community is considering any possible way to discourage Hamas from shooting rockets. Hillary's statement of "support" is a joke because while it is easy to say that Israel cannot stand idly by, it is much more difficult to say that Israel can do anything about it with the wholehearted support of the US. The rules are that Israel can react - just as long as it makes sure it doesn't damage any buildings, crops, unarmed terrorists, and provides a terror-cheering population with all their needs forever. Not one of Israel's critics has ever answered the simple question - what can Israel do to defend itself that would make you happy?

The rockets continue, and they will continue, because the world hates when Israel defends itself.