Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Following a Muslim rumor

Late last year, a Dutch Muslim apostate created a short film called "Interview with Mohammed" where Mohammed, masked, is asked questions about any mistakes he might have made 1400 years ago, including topics like women's rights.

The Muslims were upset, of course. The first criticism of the movie was from a Moroccan newspaper, quoting unnamed European Muslim groups as saying that the movie was a "cartoon movie about the wives of Mohammed" and calling for a boycott of Dutch products.

In February, a Russian mufti called for a boycott of Dutch flowers because of a movie about Mohammed's wives - but he couldn't name the movie.

Now, in Gaza, the Hamas Minister of Religious Affairs calls for protests against a "blatantly pornographic" European movie about Mohammed's wives, and seeking the arrest of anyone who does similar insults against Islam. He also wondered why Arab and Muslim governments have been silent about this impending insult to the Prophet.

An adult movie about Mohammed's wives? There might be a market for that....

On second thought, such a movie should be illegal and anyone making one should be arrested.

Because it would involve child pornography.