Sunday, March 15, 2009

Fatah takes credit for murder of two Israelis

Ha'aretz reports:
Two Israeli police officers died Sunday evening from gunshots wounds sustained while on patrol near the settlement of Masu'a, in the northern West Bank.

Both victims were found in their vehicle suffering from critical gunshot wounds. One was pronounced dead by medics shortly after discovered, and the other succumbed to his wounds following resuscitation efforts.
Guess who took credit for the attack? Yes, it was the "moderates!" Fatah has taken responsibility for the killing, according to Firas Press quoting Channel One.

Israel has recently removed checkpoints in the West Bank. Israel also pardoned dozens of suspected Palestinian Arab terrorists last week.

Even though Israel has been consistently easing restrictions on the West Bank and helping the Palestinian Arabs there economically, more than half of Palestinian Arabs still support suicide bombing attacks inside Israel proper and only 42% oppose terror attacks.